What a great swim season we have had this year! We are excited to announce the pool will remain open an extra 2 weeks until Sunday,  November 15th. We want to continue to take advantage of the pool as the weather continues to be warm and beautiful. As the season comes to a close mid-November,  the board (and hopefully some of you) will be busy around the swim club making improvements to the  front gate, replacing the last of the chain link fence and doing some much needed pool maintenance in the pool and around the deck. We are also sending you a friendly reminder that if your assessments are not received before the end of the season your assessment will be added onto you your pool dues next year as well as a late fee. Our paypal account is still active and waiting for your assessments.

 We look forward to opening the pool again next Spring and sharing all the improvements with you that were made during the off season. We will send out an email in February to begin our re enrollment process for the 2016 swim season. Please note: that if you have children that are potty training you must purchase a non-disposable swim diaper from the swim club or bring a non-disposable swim diaper to the first key exchange in order to receive your key for the 2016 swim season. We are so thankful our membership only experienced one pool closure this season but we have room to improve in areas of water quality.

We are excited about the months ahead to continue to work and build upon all the good things that have come about with our swim club this season.

If you have any questions, comments or if you are able to volunteer to help with projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Here are a few photos from the recent work day – get a load of that ugly old fence!